Alaska Fishing Information - Lake Creek Floats

Trout & Grayling
Trout, Grayling Fishing Lake Creek is home to a strong and healthy population of rainbow trout and arctic grayling. Both species are prevalent throughout the river on all of our float trips in June, July and August.
King Salmon
Alaska king salmon fishing King salmon average 20 - 40lbs in Lake Creek and the very peak king fishing on our floats is June 15 - July 13 each year. We fish kings effectively by both spin and fly fishing methods.
Sockeye Salmon
Alaska Sockeye Salmon FishingSockeye Salmon arrive in large numbers as the king salmon run subsides. Sockeyes or "Reds" are known for their tackle-testing runs and high densities. The very best fishing for sockeyes on our floats is July 16 - August 1.
Pink Salmon
Alaska pink salmon fishing Pink salmon are the smallest (2-4lbs) but the most prevalent salmon species. Densities of pink salmon are hard to imagine and they are an agressive quarry making them an ideal venue for fishermen of all abilities. Pink salmon fishing peaks from July 20 - August 10.
Silver Salmon
Silver salmon are an acrobatic quarry for spin and fly fishermen alike. They are a beautiful, aggressive fish that hit both topwater and subsurface flies. Silvers peak from late July through mid-August and average 6 - 12 lbs.
Chum Salmon
Alaska chum salmon fishing Chum salmon are awesome, agressive, beautifully colored salmon known for their power and long, enduring battles with fly fishermen. Chums are a very unique species and offer a great quarry in late July and throughout August. Chums average 7 - 15 lbs in weight.